Our artists can help you with anything Photoshop.



Environment Replacement

Take your crew anywhere with out the price of hotel rooms, plane tickets and food. Our editors can take the photos you send in or ones taken by one of our highly skilled photographers and replace the background to be where ever you’d like.


Product Photography


There is nothing that can sell a product more than a good presentation. Here at Cam we don’t just specialize in video we also have team members specializing in photography. Our experts will stylize your products in a way that will capture your audience and keep them wanting more. Don’t settle for plain and boring, let us help.

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Photo Restoration

We also restore your old photos. We go over this more on our Photo Restoration page!

People Removal.jpg

People/Objects Removal

Don’t you hate it when you take that perfect group photo and someone photo bombs the background! Well worry no more, Cam video has artists who specialize in removing unwanted people and objects from your photos. The Best part is it’s affordable!


People/Objects Addition

We don’t only remove objects from photos we also add them too.