Make Your Memories Last Forever


Your tapes are not getting any younger. The video tapes you have lying around with your precious memories are degrading every day even if you do not play them. Videotape is a magnetic medium therefore it is losing information due to the earths  magnetic field not to mention the magnetic speakers, motors and other devices that are found in most homes. In order to keep these memories you need to have them transferred and lucky for you we do just that!

You can bring or send in your tapes to us for repair or transfer. We can transfer your tapes to DVD or Flash Drive. If you would like to send us your tape you can follow our video tutorial using the link bellow or contact us directly.



Wood Tapes1.png

Video Tapes of Any Type

We don’t just transfer the standard VHS like every other transfer service out there, we transfer them all! We Use our high quality transferring devices to handle the work.


Tape Repair.jpg

We Repair Tapes

Worried you wont be able to transfer your tape because its damaged and now that memory is lost forever? Don’t be! We can fix your tape with minimal loss of data for just a minimal fee.


Mold Removal

Your tapes may have mold on them due to humidity and heat. We use specialized machines to clean your tapes and prepare them for transferring.


First Transfer…..24.95

Second and Above…..14.95

10 or More…..11.99

Tape Repair.….9.95

DVD Copies…..3.95




If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.