Don’t Let Time Take Away The Past 

Let’s face it, we’ve all kept our important photos in boxes somewhere in the attic or in the basement. What you might not know is that over the years the moisture, heat, and cold has been ruining your photos… Not to fear, Cam Studios is hear! Our technicians specialize in the recovery and restoring of your photos. Is there a large scratch, tear, mold, or smudge? We can fix that! Is the photo barely visible anymore, lost all of its color, simply never had color in the first place? No worries, we fix that too!


B&A Great Grandfather.jpg

Color Restoration

Color can make a night and day difference. Weather your photo has been sun bleached or just simply never had color we can add it back. In this example, this photo was captured without any color. Our trained specialist took the photo into our editing software and brought it back to life. Put the life back in your photos and give us a call today.



Blemish Removal

We can repair just about any blemish made on your photos. In this example the photo bad been kept in a frame in sunlight its whole life, when it was removed the ink stuck to the class and the image had formed cracks over time. Our specialist took this photo into our editing software and restored it to its original state. Bring your photos back to life and give us a call today.


People Removal.jpg

Object/People Removal

Don’t you hate it when you take that perfect group photo and someone photo bombs the background! Well worry no more, Cam video has artists who specialize in removing unwanted people and objects from your photos. The Best part is it’s affordable!



Some More of Our Work



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