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Talented People For Your Project.


We have crew member to help with any of your projects. Please contact us to hire one or more of our members.



More members being added

Steven Mid Teeth.jpg

The Ballistics


Paired with the URSA mini Pro 4.6k these two are a killer match.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Vann Smile Hat.jpg

The Sharp Shooter


With his sharp eye he can capture a moment from a mile away. Paired with his Sony and Canon 70D, this stealthy sniper can get the shot and no one will ever know he was even there.

Writer, Camera Operator, Editor

Ronnie Mid.jpg

The Heavy Artillery


When small cameras won’t cut it, he comes to the rescue. Paired with his Sonys, he will mow down any project thrown at him.

Camera Operator, Editor