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Accepted Formats: VHS, VHSC, Super VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV, DV Cam and Beta.

(NTSC Only)


Your tapes are not getting any younger. The video tapes you have lying around with your precious memories are degrading every day even if you do not play them. Videotape is a magnetic medium therefore it is losing information due to the earths  magnetic field not to mention the magnetic speakers, motors and other devices that are found in most homes.

Video Tape Transfer

Tape Transfer includes: chapter markers approximately every 5 minutes, on disc print, high quality duplication grade DVD's and a protective cover.

119.50 159.00

Internet Special 

Transfer 10 videotapes to DVD. Includes, random chapter marker,  transfer,DVD,custom storage case.(mention special to get price in store)

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