Slide and Photo Transfer

The Power of German Engineering


How We Care For Your Slides

Every single one of your slides will be handles by one of our professional photo technician. We handle every slide with care and patience with our three step process!

  1. Scan! We scan every slide individually with our high quality specialized equipment.

  2. Enhance! We put every slide through our one of a kind photo enhancing process.

  3. Copy! We now put your precious memories on anything from CD to Flash drive and more.

We Restore Old Photos

Let’s face it, we’ve all kept our important photos in boxes somewhere in the attic or in the basement. What you might not know is that over the years the moisture, heat, and cold has been ruining your photos… Not to fear, Cam Studios is hear! Our technicians specialize in the recovery and restoring of your photos. Is there a large scratch, tear, mold, or smudge? We can fix that! Is the photo barely visible anymore, lost all of its color, simply never had color in the first place? No worries, we fix that too!


Premium Quality on Every Slide and Photo

Here at Cam Video Productions we strive to supply you with the best quality possible. That’s why we use nothing but the best equipment to get the job done. Our slide scanner uses a 13 Megapixels resolution with digital ICE 3 technology!

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