Top 3 Reasons to Have a Corporate Video

Videos are everywhere. It is impossible to scroll through social media without coming across some type of video. It could be of someone’s pet, a recipe how-to video, or a fails compilation video. It is hard for people to get away with anything, because almost everything is captured on video by someone. It is safe to say that video has become a very popular and effective medium for reaching the masses. Which is why so many companies have been using videos to their advantage by creating a corporate video. Corporate videos are not commercials. They are videos meant to showcase the company’s image, values, ethics, and a spread of services and products. Its intention is to give the viewer positive feelings about the company and encourage them to engage in a relationship. So besides the fact that several successful companies have provided a corporate video and received excellent response, why should your company consider a corporate video?

1 Easy to consume, easy to share

As we mentioned before, videos are everywhere. With the rise in social media and the array of choices in platforms, the popularity of videos has risen as well. People catch things on video everyday and share them with their friends. Videos are easy for people to consume. It catches their attention, and if done right will keep their attention. When a video makes a connection with the viewer they will share it with others. This gets your video to millions of viewers with little effort and much cheaper than advertising through other mediums.

2 Google loves videos

Cracking Google’s formula for search results is an ongoing battle for companies, but the good news is Google loves videos. If you have ever searched for something on Google the results at the top of the list are going to be pictures or videos if Google feels those are relevant to your search. This code is a bit easier to crack. Google acquired YouTube several years ago, so if you ensure that your video has the right keywords attached then the likelihood of it ranking higher increases. Plus, it is more visually appealing than a text result entry and therefore more likely to be clicked on.

3 Create a connection

Finally, videos give you the best opportunity to create a connection with your viewer. Print ads are limited because you have one opportunity, one image, to really reach out to the viewer. With a video, you can tell a story, present a solution, create a common ground, or appeal to their morals. Establishing this connection is crucial to consumers understanding your brand, which can lead to consumer loyalty. How many people will only buy Apple products, even when others have released phones with virtual reality capabilities? That is strong brand loyalty.

Having a corporate video created can seem daunting. You may even think that your budget is needed elsewhere more, but as you can hopefully see now, a corporate video can create a wave of residual marketing benefit with little to no extra cost after production.  If the age old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”, just imagine what a video is worth.

Why & How To Hire A Videographer

Your wedding is a high point in your life, full of wonderful memories and moments to share. You will want to soak up the entire experience so you can hold on to it and remember it forever. It is easy to think that you will remember everything from your wedding day without a problem. You planned meticulously for months, and waited impatiently for it finally to arrive. But the saying that “your wedding day will be a whirlwind” could not be truer. It will be over before you know it and you will be struggling to remember those little details you worked so hard on. Your guests have time to mingle and notice the décor, ambience, and food.  However,  you will be shuffled from spot to spot following a timeline to make sure everything gets done. 


Your photographers will capture moments for you, including those little details you worked so hard on. They will help to immortalize the dress, flowers, families, smiles, tears, and laughter. But there are things that the photographers won’t catch. They won’t be able to capture the joy in your voice as you say “I do” or the sincerity in your partner’s as they recite their vows to you. The photographer can’t adequately capture the emotions on your guests faces as you walk down the aisle, or the first dance. These are precious memories you will want to keep. After all it’s those little moments that are so hard to capture on a still camera that can be so moving. Having a videographer at your wedding ensures that all of the moments will be captured. It will be like reliving that day, only this time you can stop and enjoy every aspect instead of worrying about what needs to be done next. 


How to choose a videographer


There are three things to consider when looking for a videographer: price point, examples, and reviews. 


Several couples will cut out the videographer to help save costs on the wedding thinking that a photographer will be enough. But as we talked about, a photographer can only capture so much, and your videographer doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Most offer several types of packages in varying price ranges to work with your budget. 


Once you have chosen a few videographers with packages in your price point, go and look at their previous work. Do they have videos on their website or social media you can watch? If not, request some samples of their work. You want to make sure their style matches what you are looking for, and the quality is there.  Don't  book any vendor without seeing some of their work, but especially not those in charge of memories like photographers and videographers. 


Finally, check the reviews for the videographers you like. In the internet age it is easy to find reviews of businesses and harder for businesses to get away with mistreating their customers. Go over the reviews and read more than one or two. Try to take an objective look at the review and look out for those customers that don’t seem to be pleased with anything. You don’t want a negative review from a chronically unhappy person to keep you from hiring your dream videographer. On the other hand, don’t ignore several negative complaints that all say the same thing. If more than one person experienced this issue. It’s likely a legitimate concern. 


Hiring a videographer doesn’t mean you have to stage your own Hollywood movie. The right videographer will capture the beauty of your wedding without the need for re-takes, stunt doubles, and special effects. You don’t have to make any special changes to your wedding to accommodate the videographer, they are there to film your wedding just as you planned it from all the right viewpoints so you can relive your special day for years to come. 


Remember pictures are worth a thousand words, but a video is priceless. 

Time To Transfer Your Old Home Movies

Video technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Most recently the shift from renting movies from a brick and motor store like Blockbuster, to streaming them directly to your TV or mobile device wherever you are. Not only can you stream movies on your cellphones, you can shoot your own. Was it only 20 years ago that you needed a camcorder to shoot home videos? It’s amazing that almost all the technology we need today, fits in our pocket. But there is a downside to advancing technology; it changes so fast that things become obsolete before you know it. Those home movies of your babies you shot 20 years ago can’t be viewed on the same device you used to record their high school graduation. You have to own an “ancient” piece of equipment to watch those home movies, a VCR.


Not many households own VCR’s anymore. They have gone the way of the record player.  There is a certain market for “vintage” VHS tapes for viewing authenticity.  So what happened to all of the home movies? Did people throw them away? If not, why do so few people own a VCR now? The answer is simple. With the advancing technology companies created a way to preserve your memories captured on outdated devices, conversion. Many families have opted to convert their VHS home videos to DVDs. DVDs are far more durable than the older VHS. If one of your VHS had the tape pulled out or it deteriorated over time, your memories were lost forever. The DVD design is far superior to that of the VHS and it saves a lot of storage space.



You may be reluctant to convert your VHS home videos to DVDs because of the cost. Surely, it is cheaper to keep an outdated VCR that can be replaced for a few dollars at your local thrift store rather than paying to convert the videos. But VHS to DVD conversion has come a long way since its first appearance, and because of that the prices have dropped drastically. So to answer your question, yes it would be cheaper to buy a $5 VCR from your local thrift store, but your VHS tapes will not last forever. It just takes one bad VCR to ruin a VHS tape and even if that doesn’t happen, time is a cruel. Think of how many 8mm home videos exist today. There are very few, because they were either destroyed by time or converted to a newer form of media.


You and your family will be so grateful for the preserved cherished memories later in life.  How can you compare the few dollars spent to convert your VHS tapes to your wedding video, or your daughter’s first steps.  Those memories are priceless.  


Transferring 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film to DVD or MP4.

Your film is getting old!  Most people stopped using film back in the late 70's when videotape cameras became popular.  But you don't have to let your memories of family and friends fade away.  Bring them to us and let us convert them to a digital format like DVD or MP4.  This will allow you to preserve and share them for future generations.

Alecia Preston & David Solomon at Gabrella Manor

After dating for 5 years, Alecia Preston and David Solomon united in marriage on May 9, 2014 at the beautiful Gabrella Manor in Birmingham, Alabama.

0109Wedding Day_MG_5470.jpg

Alecia is a huge Tim Burton fan and in many of his movies,  Tim uses lighting effects and bursts of extravagant colors (often red) to contribute to the tone and mood of the film.  Since red is Alecia's favorite color, she used it in a similar way in her wedding design. The bridesmaids dresses, tablecloths, boutonnieres, Alecia's bouquet, shoes, nails, and parts of the cakes were red.  "I loved how it pops against the white dress and the lush green ivy of Gabrella Manor"  said Alecia.

0016Wedding Day_MG_5200.jpg
0229Wedding Day_MG_5874.jpg
0231Wedding Day_MG_5878.jpg

Alecia and David both love music.  They choose a classical version of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" for the bridal party processional song. Alecia and her father came in to "Adrift At Peace" by Nine inch Nails.
Once pronounced man and wife, the couple recessed the ceremony to Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" and Alecia and her father later danced to the Allman Brother's version of "Little Wing."

0414Wedding Day_MG_6359.jpg

All images are courtesy of Steve Johnson and

The First Dance on video.

The First Dance spotlights the romantic interchange between the bride and groom and provides insight about the tone a couple envisions for their new life together. Whether swaying slowly to a country music song or choreographing an energetic rendition to an upbeat pop song, wedding dance performances can sometimes be designed by today’s couples as a special offering for their wedding guests. But moreover, the meaning behind the First Dance is simple: It is a loving, visual representation of the commitment the couple has made to lead and to follow one another in their new lifelong dance together, and should be captured on video.

Transferring Cassettes, LPs, 8 Tracks and Reel to Reel to CD or MP3

If you have some old audio media laying around that you cannot listen to anymore, bring it to us and let us transfer it to either a CD or an MP3 file for your IPod, phone etc.  Maybe you have an old tape of grandpa telling a story at Christmas time that you haven't listened to in years.  We can bring that back to life for you so that you can pass it on to the next generation.  Don't let them get away.

Kevin cleans up some audio files from a reel to reel tape before burning them to a CD.

Film Transfer to DVD

We have been offering high quality transfers of film for Birmingham and the surrounding area since 1990. We are proud to announce we are now using a new Telecine system with a color corrected LED backlight and DC motor the unit transfers the film flicker free with the sharpest focus we have ever seen. So get those old films off the shelf and move them to digital they are not getting any younger.

Preparing your videotapes to be transferred.

Preparing your videotapes to be transferred is simple and easy.  First, select the tapes that you want to have transferred,  Second, label each tape with a description of the tapes content as seen in the image below.  You can be as brief or as specific as you like.  You can use masking tape as seen in the example below or sticky notes.  We will print whatever information that you put on the tapes directly on the DVD.  Third, bring the tapes to us.  Thats all there is to it!


If you are shipping the tapes to us, follow the same protocol above, then package the tapes in an appropriate shipping container with good cushioning material as seen below.  Don't forget to include all your contact info in case we have any questions.

Why MP4?

Sometimes we get the question why would I want my videos converted to the MP4 format?

The best answer is to give you complete compatibility with, ipads,apple tvs, pc's, Macs, androids and more. An MP4 can also be edited if you want to make a few changes say to cut out some of that unwanted footage. We can convert DVD's, Video Tape and most digital files to an MP4 for as little as $7.95 Still have questions? call or email us today we will be more than happy to help.



The Perfect Gift for the Holidays

10 Video Tape Transfer Special

We are running a ten video tape transfer special for a limited time it is only 99.95 you save $50.00 to transfer most format video tapes VHS, VHSC, 8MM, Hi8, Digital 8,Mini DV, Full size DV and Beta.

Time to get those old video tapes out of the closets, basements and drawers. Get them transferred and preserved today. Our store is located in Trussville Alabama just north of Birmingham. Or mail them in to save time and gas. We have been transferring video tape, 8mm and 16mm film, since 1990. We can transfer your memories to DVD or MP4. Family is coming for the holidays give them something they really want to watch.