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Audio Tape Transfers to CD or MP3

Most of us have upgraded our music collections, yet some of us still have a few treasured cassette tapes, LP's or even 8 track tapes laying around..  But the truth is, they are fading away. 

So, whether your interest is in digitizing cassettes from childhood or a mix tape from an old high-school flame, or even an old LP that never went to CD, now is the time.  Let us help you preserve those special memories.

Don't Lose Your Memories, Digitize Today

We live in an age of high nostalgia where we are looking back more than we are looking forward. People search for “vintage” items and shop for antiques. They are re-creating old family photos, and sharing the most embarrassing ones on “Throwback Thursday” on Instagram. Quality time is spent looking from parents and grandparents photo books or boxes of photos. Sometimes, they even break out the slide projector for everyone.  Basically, memories are at an all time high, and it is easy to see why. They are precious. We live in an age of sharing everything as a way of preserving our memories. So why do we not prioritize preserving the memories in the photo books and slide boxes that we cherish?

Digitizing your memories sounds difficult and painful, but the good (no, the great!) news is that it’s not. It’s actually easier and cheaper than ever. In fact, right now is a great time to make the move and preserve all of those photos. After the holidays always seems to be a slow time for almost everyone’s schedule. You probably haven’t even put all of your photo albums and the projector up from having them out at Christmas for everyone to enjoy. Which means all you have to do is bring your photo albums and 35 mm slides to the store for us to transfer to a USB or CD for you.  If you have stored all of your photos in a shoe box then it might be a little bit tougher for you.  You want to have your photos grouped somehow. How you group them is totally up to you. It can be “Christmas ‘85”, “Washington DC trip”, or “Summer Camp”. This is just so we can make sure these photos stay together and are organized on your digital version. After the process is done, all of your memories will be given back to you just as you left them along with your digital copy.

Converting your photos over to a digital version doesn’t mean you have to stop sharing the photo books or breaking out the projector. In fact, we would recommend you do that more often! The joy and family time that comes from looking at your memories together is priceless. By choosing to save these photos and slides to a digital version, ensures that you won’t lose those memories to a flood, fire, or the biggest natural disaster, age. Of course, if you choose to upgrade your slideshow to a newer digital version, this process will make that possible.

So, the moral here is that no matter how you choose to share your memories, you don’t want to lose them.  


Why Transfer My VHS Tapes to DVD

You’ve probably said to yourself “I know my VHS home videos are out-of-date, but my VCR still works just fine, so why should I bother with transferring them to DVDs”?

Actually, we're glad you asked! There are so many reasons to transfer your memories to DVD other than updating technology, although age is a factor. There is a little bit of science involved, but let's keep it brief! Video tapes use a magnetic strip to hold the images recorded, and our lives are full of magnetic sources: stereos, vacuums, anything with an electric motor, even the earth itself is a magnetic source. Over time, the magnetic sources around your video tapes slowly eat away at the images and memories captured on those tapes.

There are several other factors than can be dangerous to your memories. Heat can damage the magnetic strip of the video tape, moisture can cause mold and render the tape unplayable and un-transferable, and there is always the danger of a child or pet getting a hold of the video tape breaking it.
Even playing your videos can cause damage over time. The playing and rewinding of the VHS will cause wear and tear on the magnetic strip and it will eventually fall apart.

The good news is that transferring your VHS tapes to DVD is easier, and cheaper, than ever. And once they have been transferred, the deterioration will stop immediately.  

So now that you know why you should transfer your home videos on VHS to DVD, let us tell you how (here’s a hint, its super easy!)

  1. Pull out all of your tapes from wherever they are stored, and label them with the title you would like on the DVD.

  2. Count all of your tapes

  3. Mail or bring them into the store and let us do the rest!

It really is that easy. All of your DVDs will have chapter marks every 5 minutes or so, so you can view the memories you want with ease. And they will all come in a protective case with the titles printed directly on them. Your memories will be safe and easier than ever to watch and share. Not to mention the space you will save since DVDs are much more compact.

Of course, we always recommend having a back-up stored somewhere else just in case. We can provide a back up of all of your home videos on a jump drive to keep separately from your DVDs. You can never be too careful with your memories.


Time To Transfer Your Old Home Movies

Video technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Most recently the shift from renting movies from a brick and motor store like Blockbuster, to streaming them directly to your TV or mobile device wherever you are. Not only can you stream movies on your cellphones, you can shoot your own. Was it only 20 years ago that you needed a camcorder to shoot home videos? It’s amazing that almost all the technology we need today, fits in our pocket. But there is a downside to advancing technology; it changes so fast that things become obsolete before you know it. Those home movies of your babies you shot 20 years ago can’t be viewed on the same device you used to record their high school graduation. You have to own an “ancient” piece of equipment to watch those home movies, a VCR.


Not many households own VCR’s anymore. They have gone the way of the record player.  There is a certain market for “vintage” VHS tapes for viewing authenticity.  So what happened to all of the home movies? Did people throw them away? If not, why do so few people own a VCR now? The answer is simple. With the advancing technology companies created a way to preserve your memories captured on outdated devices, conversion. Many families have opted to convert their VHS home videos to DVDs. DVDs are far more durable than the older VHS. If one of your VHS had the tape pulled out or it deteriorated over time, your memories were lost forever. The DVD design is far superior to that of the VHS and it saves a lot of storage space.



You may be reluctant to convert your VHS home videos to DVDs because of the cost. Surely, it is cheaper to keep an outdated VCR that can be replaced for a few dollars at your local thrift store rather than paying to convert the videos. But VHS to DVD conversion has come a long way since its first appearance, and because of that the prices have dropped drastically. So to answer your question, yes it would be cheaper to buy a $5 VCR from your local thrift store, but your VHS tapes will not last forever. It just takes one bad VCR to ruin a VHS tape and even if that doesn’t happen, time is a cruel. Think of how many 8mm home videos exist today. There are very few, because they were either destroyed by time or converted to a newer form of media.


You and your family will be so grateful for the preserved cherished memories later in life.  How can you compare the few dollars spent to convert your VHS tapes to your wedding video, or your daughter’s first steps.  Those memories are priceless.  


Transferring 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film to DVD or MP4.

Your film is getting old!  Most people stopped using film back in the late 70's when videotape cameras became popular.  But you don't have to let your memories of family and friends fade away.  Bring them to us and let us convert them to a digital format like DVD or MP4.  This will allow you to preserve and share them for future generations.

Transferring Cassettes, LPs, 8 Tracks and Reel to Reel to CD or MP3

If you have some old audio media laying around that you cannot listen to anymore, bring it to us and let us transfer it to either a CD or an MP3 file for your IPod, phone etc.  Maybe you have an old tape of grandpa telling a story at Christmas time that you haven't listened to in years.  We can bring that back to life for you so that you can pass it on to the next generation.  Don't let them get away.

Kevin cleans up some audio files from a reel to reel tape before burning them to a CD.

Preparing your videotapes to be transferred.

Preparing your videotapes to be transferred is simple and easy.  First, select the tapes that you want to have transferred,  Second, label each tape with a description of the tapes content as seen in the image below.  You can be as brief or as specific as you like.  You can use masking tape as seen in the example below or sticky notes.  We will print whatever information that you put on the tapes directly on the DVD.  Third, bring the tapes to us.  Thats all there is to it!


If you are shipping the tapes to us, follow the same protocol above, then package the tapes in an appropriate shipping container with good cushioning material as seen below.  Don't forget to include all your contact info in case we have any questions.

Why MP4?

Sometimes we get the question why would I want my videos converted to the MP4 format?

The best answer is to give you complete compatibility with, ipads,apple tvs, pc's, Macs, androids and more. An MP4 can also be edited if you want to make a few changes say to cut out some of that unwanted footage. We can convert DVD's, Video Tape and most digital files to an MP4 for as little as $7.95 Still have questions? call or email us today we will be more than happy to help.