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Green Screen for Your Wedding Photo Booth

Green screens aren't just for weather reports anymore. They have become the latest must have for any photo booth. Most photo booths rely on a variety of props to make them unique to each person while they back drop stays the same. But with a green screen back drop, the possibilities are endless. 


Adding a green screen back drop for your photo booth is painless, and you can still have props if that is what you want, but your backdrop can change. You can have several backgrounds for your guests to choose from. The backgrounds can be scenes from your favorite movies or some of your favorite tourist spots. Can you imagine your guests being able to have their picture taken with the cast of Star Wars or next to the Eiffel Tower? 


If photos aren't enough for you, you can let your guests act out mini videos with a green screen. Very similar to the Vogue's Manusx Machine at the Met Gala in 2016, your guests will have the opportunity to create a self choreographed video with the background of their choice. If they want to act out one an iconic movie scene, like running from the T-Rex in Jurassic Park or recreating a famous monologue. It is guaranteed to be a party favor they will show off for years to come. 


This next generation photo booth isn't out of your reach. In fact, it's easier to get than you might think. Just call us, we have everything you need for the perfect green screen party favor. 

Alecia Preston & David Solomon at Gabrella Manor

After dating for 5 years, Alecia Preston and David Solomon united in marriage on May 9, 2014 at the beautiful Gabrella Manor in Birmingham, Alabama.

0109Wedding Day_MG_5470.jpg

Alecia is a huge Tim Burton fan and in many of his movies,  Tim uses lighting effects and bursts of extravagant colors (often red) to contribute to the tone and mood of the film.  Since red is Alecia's favorite color, she used it in a similar way in her wedding design. The bridesmaids dresses, tablecloths, boutonnieres, Alecia's bouquet, shoes, nails, and parts of the cakes were red.  "I loved how it pops against the white dress and the lush green ivy of Gabrella Manor"  said Alecia.

0016Wedding Day_MG_5200.jpg
0229Wedding Day_MG_5874.jpg
0231Wedding Day_MG_5878.jpg

Alecia and David both love music.  They choose a classical version of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" for the bridal party processional song. Alecia and her father came in to "Adrift At Peace" by Nine inch Nails.
Once pronounced man and wife, the couple recessed the ceremony to Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" and Alecia and her father later danced to the Allman Brother's version of "Little Wing."

0414Wedding Day_MG_6359.jpg

All images are courtesy of Steve Johnson and www.lifedancephotography.com/

The First Dance on video.

The First Dance spotlights the romantic interchange between the bride and groom and provides insight about the tone a couple envisions for their new life together. Whether swaying slowly to a country music song or choreographing an energetic rendition to an upbeat pop song, wedding dance performances can sometimes be designed by today’s couples as a special offering for their wedding guests. But moreover, the meaning behind the First Dance is simple: It is a loving, visual representation of the commitment the couple has made to lead and to follow one another in their new lifelong dance together, and should be captured on video.