Don't Lose Your Memories, Digitize Today

We live in an age of high nostalgia where we are looking back more than we are looking forward. People search for “vintage” items and shop for antiques. They are re-creating old family photos, and sharing the most embarrassing ones on “Throwback Thursday” on Instagram. Quality time is spent looking from parents and grandparents photo books or boxes of photos. Sometimes, they even break out the slide projector for everyone.  Basically, memories are at an all time high, and it is easy to see why. They are precious. We live in an age of sharing everything as a way of preserving our memories. So why do we not prioritize preserving the memories in the photo books and slide boxes that we cherish?

Digitizing your memories sounds difficult and painful, but the good (no, the great!) news is that it’s not. It’s actually easier and cheaper than ever. In fact, right now is a great time to make the move and preserve all of those photos. After the holidays always seems to be a slow time for almost everyone’s schedule. You probably haven’t even put all of your photo albums and the projector up from having them out at Christmas for everyone to enjoy. Which means all you have to do is bring your photo albums and 35 mm slides to the store for us to transfer to a USB or CD for you.  If you have stored all of your photos in a shoe box then it might be a little bit tougher for you.  You want to have your photos grouped somehow. How you group them is totally up to you. It can be “Christmas ‘85”, “Washington DC trip”, or “Summer Camp”. This is just so we can make sure these photos stay together and are organized on your digital version. After the process is done, all of your memories will be given back to you just as you left them along with your digital copy.

Converting your photos over to a digital version doesn’t mean you have to stop sharing the photo books or breaking out the projector. In fact, we would recommend you do that more often! The joy and family time that comes from looking at your memories together is priceless. By choosing to save these photos and slides to a digital version, ensures that you won’t lose those memories to a flood, fire, or the biggest natural disaster, age. Of course, if you choose to upgrade your slideshow to a newer digital version, this process will make that possible.

So, the moral here is that no matter how you choose to share your memories, you don’t want to lose them.