The Unplugged Wedding

Many brides have a love/hate relationship with social media on their big day. You want every possible moment captured, even the silly shots of everyone getting ready and rushing around. You may not want those photos shared on social media before the ceremony, so you have to put a lock down on your wedding party and hope they respect your wishes. They just want to share photos of themselves and the person they love on one of the biggest days of their lives.  This is totally understandable, but you want to keep a little mystery so you can show off all your hard work. What about your guests taking photos during the ceremony? This might be a great option for shots your photographers miss, but what if they are being more of a distraction? Their arms may be blocking someone else’s view or worse.  What if they block one of your professional’s shots?

 Enter the unplugged wedding. So many brides have decided to ask their guests to please hold their photography during the wedding. Some of the signs they put up politely ask for their guest’s full attention on their big day. None of that is too much to ask, but people are still upset when asked to refrain. So let's discuss a few of the reasons behind why the couple may choose to make that decision.

It's their day

You know that it's their day and you are there to support them. You love them and would never do anything to detract from their day! These phone photography fiends are often very well meaning. You just want to share in the happiness for the couple and the way to do that is to snap a photo and share i. But if you are watching the wedding through the screen of your phone, you will miss the true beauty and love of the couple your celebrating. Your phone may also be blocking someone else’s view of the couple, which causes them to miss out. Well intentioned photography can be a big distraction, so just sit back and enjoy the overwhelming feeling of love around you.

Photographers and Videographers are an investment

No matter what your wedding budget, photography and videography will be a big part of that, and for good reason. These professionals work tirelessly all day to preserve the special day for the couple. And after spending several hours capturing all of the priceless wedding moments, we go back to the office and begin the grueling editing process. We want everything to be absolutely perfect for our couples. One thing that makes that very hard to do is hands holding cellphones that appear out of nowhere. You can’t prepare for it and its very hard to work around it, especially if you have 20-30 people snapping photos as the bride is walking down the aisle. A great example would be a wedding I shot a few months ago where the bride and groom asked their guests to not take pictures during the ceremony. As the bride was walking down the aisle one person, very discreetly, held their phone out in the aisle to take a photo. Even though they did their best to hide their actions, her arm went directly into my shot and there was no way to edit it out without losing part of the footage during one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding.


So the moral here is simple, you may mean well, you may want to share in the joy, and you may snap discreetly, but the chances of your floating arm or bright flash being caught by the photographer or videographer are high. So if the couple has asked you to put your phones away, love them enough to respect their wishes and enjoy their day exactly how they want you to. They spent a lot of time and money for you to enjoy this day with them.