Why Transfer My VHS Tapes to DVD

You’ve probably said to yourself “I know my VHS home videos are out-of-date, but my VCR still works just fine, so why should I bother with transferring them to DVDs”?

Actually, we're glad you asked! There are so many reasons to transfer your memories to DVD other than updating technology, although age is a factor. There is a little bit of science involved, but let's keep it brief! Video tapes use a magnetic strip to hold the images recorded, and our lives are full of magnetic sources: stereos, vacuums, anything with an electric motor, even the earth itself is a magnetic source. Over time, the magnetic sources around your video tapes slowly eat away at the images and memories captured on those tapes.

There are several other factors than can be dangerous to your memories. Heat can damage the magnetic strip of the video tape, moisture can cause mold and render the tape unplayable and un-transferable, and there is always the danger of a child or pet getting a hold of the video tape breaking it.
Even playing your videos can cause damage over time. The playing and rewinding of the VHS will cause wear and tear on the magnetic strip and it will eventually fall apart.

The good news is that transferring your VHS tapes to DVD is easier, and cheaper, than ever. And once they have been transferred, the deterioration will stop immediately.  

So now that you know why you should transfer your home videos on VHS to DVD, let us tell you how (here’s a hint, its super easy!)

  1. Pull out all of your tapes from wherever they are stored, and label them with the title you would like on the DVD.

  2. Count all of your tapes

  3. Mail or bring them into the store and let us do the rest!

It really is that easy. All of your DVDs will have chapter marks every 5 minutes or so, so you can view the memories you want with ease. And they will all come in a protective case with the titles printed directly on them. Your memories will be safe and easier than ever to watch and share. Not to mention the space you will save since DVDs are much more compact.

Of course, we always recommend having a back-up stored somewhere else just in case. We can provide a back up of all of your home videos on a jump drive to keep separately from your DVDs. You can never be too careful with your memories.