Top 3 Reasons to Have a Corporate Video

Videos are everywhere. It is impossible to scroll through social media without coming across some type of video. It could be of someone’s pet, a recipe how-to video, or a fails compilation video. It is hard for people to get away with anything, because almost everything is captured on video by someone. It is safe to say that video has become a very popular and effective medium for reaching the masses. Which is why so many companies have been using videos to their advantage by creating a corporate video. Corporate videos are not commercials. They are videos meant to showcase the company’s image, values, ethics, and a spread of services and products. Its intention is to give the viewer positive feelings about the company and encourage them to engage in a relationship. So besides the fact that several successful companies have provided a corporate video and received excellent response, why should your company consider a corporate video?

1 Easy to consume, easy to share

As we mentioned before, videos are everywhere. With the rise in social media and the array of choices in platforms, the popularity of videos has risen as well. People catch things on video everyday and share them with their friends. Videos are easy for people to consume. It catches their attention, and if done right will keep their attention. When a video makes a connection with the viewer they will share it with others. This gets your video to millions of viewers with little effort and much cheaper than advertising through other mediums.

2 Google loves videos

Cracking Google’s formula for search results is an ongoing battle for companies, but the good news is Google loves videos. If you have ever searched for something on Google the results at the top of the list are going to be pictures or videos if Google feels those are relevant to your search. This code is a bit easier to crack. Google acquired YouTube several years ago, so if you ensure that your video has the right keywords attached then the likelihood of it ranking higher increases. Plus, it is more visually appealing than a text result entry and therefore more likely to be clicked on.

3 Create a connection

Finally, videos give you the best opportunity to create a connection with your viewer. Print ads are limited because you have one opportunity, one image, to really reach out to the viewer. With a video, you can tell a story, present a solution, create a common ground, or appeal to their morals. Establishing this connection is crucial to consumers understanding your brand, which can lead to consumer loyalty. How many people will only buy Apple products, even when others have released phones with virtual reality capabilities? That is strong brand loyalty.

Having a corporate video created can seem daunting. You may even think that your budget is needed elsewhere more, but as you can hopefully see now, a corporate video can create a wave of residual marketing benefit with little to no extra cost after production.  If the age old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”, just imagine what a video is worth.