Why & How To Hire A Videographer

Your wedding is a high point in your life, full of wonderful memories and moments to share. You will want to soak up the entire experience so you can hold on to it and remember it forever. It is easy to think that you will remember everything from your wedding day without a problem. You planned meticulously for months, and waited impatiently for it finally to arrive. But the saying that “your wedding day will be a whirlwind” could not be truer. It will be over before you know it and you will be struggling to remember those little details you worked so hard on. Your guests have time to mingle and notice the décor, ambience, and food.  However,  you will be shuffled from spot to spot following a timeline to make sure everything gets done. 


Your photographers will capture moments for you, including those little details you worked so hard on. They will help to immortalize the dress, flowers, families, smiles, tears, and laughter. But there are things that the photographers won’t catch. They won’t be able to capture the joy in your voice as you say “I do” or the sincerity in your partner’s as they recite their vows to you. The photographer can’t adequately capture the emotions on your guests faces as you walk down the aisle, or the first dance. These are precious memories you will want to keep. After all it’s those little moments that are so hard to capture on a still camera that can be so moving. Having a videographer at your wedding ensures that all of the moments will be captured. It will be like reliving that day, only this time you can stop and enjoy every aspect instead of worrying about what needs to be done next. 


How to choose a videographer


There are three things to consider when looking for a videographer: price point, examples, and reviews. 


Several couples will cut out the videographer to help save costs on the wedding thinking that a photographer will be enough. But as we talked about, a photographer can only capture so much, and your videographer doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Most offer several types of packages in varying price ranges to work with your budget. 


Once you have chosen a few videographers with packages in your price point, go and look at their previous work. Do they have videos on their website or social media you can watch? If not, request some samples of their work. You want to make sure their style matches what you are looking for, and the quality is there.  Don't  book any vendor without seeing some of their work, but especially not those in charge of memories like photographers and videographers. 


Finally, check the reviews for the videographers you like. In the internet age it is easy to find reviews of businesses and harder for businesses to get away with mistreating their customers. Go over the reviews and read more than one or two. Try to take an objective look at the review and look out for those customers that don’t seem to be pleased with anything. You don’t want a negative review from a chronically unhappy person to keep you from hiring your dream videographer. On the other hand, don’t ignore several negative complaints that all say the same thing. If more than one person experienced this issue. It’s likely a legitimate concern. 


Hiring a videographer doesn’t mean you have to stage your own Hollywood movie. The right videographer will capture the beauty of your wedding without the need for re-takes, stunt doubles, and special effects. You don’t have to make any special changes to your wedding to accommodate the videographer, they are there to film your wedding just as you planned it from all the right viewpoints so you can relive your special day for years to come. 


Remember pictures are worth a thousand words, but a video is priceless.